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About CDI, Vision, Ray Laenens and Style
Identity, Information, Packaging, Environmental and Publishing Design Work of Ray Laenens
Graphic Design Cases of Ray Laenens for Industry, Commerce, Services, Non Profit and Institutional Organisations.
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link naar Marc Sleen Filip Tas: under construction link naar André Delvaux
An image illustrates an idea coming from the conscious mind. The creative with his talent for visualisation translates as it were his abstract idea into a concrete form. He too has to know the language of the artist. The value of his work will be defined by the vision and competence with  which he gives form to the result.
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Paintings, Sculptures, Graphics, Photography
A Tribute to the Designers of our Visual Culture
Contact Ray Laenens
A Tribute to the Flemish Culture Creators, Architectural design, Industrial design, Graphic design, Not limitative - more known and unknown visual creatives who made  Flanders visible in an exemplary way with their work will be added